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Tournament KoS BS 3v3 Empty Tournament KoS BS 3v3

Post by |||ALPHA|||David on 28/12/16, 02:14 pm

Its a 3v3 BS tournament * Sign up is open from 25th December till 18. January 2016. * Tournament begins on January 20th 2017.

Last day to register your team is 18th January. Every player need to create account on KOS website if he want to apply and participate in 3v3 Tourny. Proccess is easy. Leader of the team need to create team, and his teammates need to apply to that team, after that, leader need to accept other 2 guys in team. Smile One substitution
is available in the team. About subtitution player inform Managers ( Keyser or Kingg) or let him apply in your team and leave him as pending player. Example:
situations in which subs players can play are listed in the rules.
"If a player crashes, the game continues and a substitute may fill in until the crashed player reconnects (crash must be reported)"
To be clear, there is no excuses like "bad ping", "net sux", "graphic card fried", "my granny died" etc. If opponent team agress to allow u to change player then its ok. But only if your team have subtition player. Players who are not reported as subs cant not participate. And also subs players need to create account on KOS website.

Keyser discord: Keyser Soze#0552
King discord: Kinnngg#2139
David discord: DavidSagredo#3649
Server Admin - BS

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Location : Spain

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